Hi, mein Name ist Ivo Gabrowitsch. Ich lebe und arbeite in Berlin.

Ich bin Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Fontwerk. Wir fertigen moderne Schriften und bieten hierfür unsere Dienste feil. Du hast eine Frage zu Fonts oder Typedesign? Lass hören.

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Über mich

(Werde ich demnächst auch auf Deutsch übersetzen)

I love About pages. Learning about the people behind websites is an important part of my online experience. Since I’m certainly not the only one with this particular interest, here are a few facts about me.

I claim to know a few things about the type and design industry, having worked for brands like FontShop, FontFont, MyFonts, or Linotype for most of my professional life. Before I became a ‘Typereneur’ at my own company Fontwerk, I held the position of Senior Director of Marketing for Monotype’s Digital Commerce group. If you have a project or a question related to fonts or typography or anything else regarding the type business (even font licensing, eek), I’m your man and fun to work with.

Developing and improving products and brands is one of my favorite things to do. What I like to call marketing engineering might be better known as the traditional 4P’s marketing mix. One of the things I was responsible in that sense was the initial development and introduction of self-hosted webfonts as a business model. Its main part – the licensing based on pageviews – soon after became an industry standard.

I was also responsible for the holistic marketing activities around the release of today popular typefaces such as FF Chartwell and FF Mark as well as the launch of complex e-commerce websites and online tools as the project lead. For some of these agile products my talented teams and I received some nice accolades, including the European Design Award in gold, the German Design Award, the iF communication design award in gold, TDC Certificates of Typographic Excellence, as well as a Nomination for The Net Awards Redesign of the Year. Bling bling.

Digital Media Designer (Mediengestalter für Digital- und Printmedien) and Engineer of Print and Media Technology (Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Druck- und Medientechnik) is what is written on some official certificates of mine. I also like to spend some of my time talking about type and typography, either at conferences such as TypeCon Atlanta, ATypI Hongkong, ISType İstanbul, TYPO San Francisco, London, and Berlin, Frontend Oslo, MT Tech Summit New Delhi, and TYPO Labs Berlin for instance or in universities and organizations around the globe. I’d be happy to talk at your event as well. Feel free to drop me a line if you have a slot available.

Moreover, I published articles in online and offline publications and are available as an adviser or interviewee. Furthermore, I served as a member of the jury for the SOTA Catalyst Award as well as Typodarium. Lovely experience. A few years ago, I was also a member of DIN’s standardization committee that revised the norm 1450 ‘Lettering – Legibility’. Fun stuff, too, but I’m done with norms … I think.

I was born in the Eastern part of the Harz, more specific in the beautiful town of Wippra. This was around the time when Patrick Hernandez’ ‘Born to be alive’ reached number one in the radio charts – nomen est omen. I grew up next to a rolling mill in Hettstedt (called ‘Walzwerk’ in German, which was the inspiration for ‘Fontwerk’, this site’s former name), played football my entire youth as a right back for BSG Stahl Walzwerk, went to the Army in Hammelburg, started to study Communications and Media Technology in Köthen, qualified as a Digital Media Designer in Braunschweig – where I also felt in love with both typography and the local football team Eintracht –, and worked in this job in Goslar for a little while.

Rather late in my career I decided to study again. For this purpose I moved to Berlin, where I’m based ever since. In between, I did an internship in San Francisco, which resulted in the best job ever: Marketing Director at FontShop International, where I was in charge of the largest library of contemporary typefaces, FontFont, that includes type icons such as FF DIN, FF Meta, or FF Dax. I always considered myself to be extremely fortunate, because this job entailed working with so many talented and nice people who made awesome things with type and design.

Some side projects I started include the LTypI group (Lack of Typographic Imagination, 2008), the podcast Creative FM (2018, relaunch planned for 2021), as well as the Typostammtisch Berlin (2006).

I’m also father of three strong-minded daughters and I love bikes. Particularly those made of steel. Recently, I’m more and more into gardening. I listen to music every day, particularly to the Trance and Ambient genre. And I love podcasts. Did I mention gardening?

Well, that’s actually more than I wanted to unveil, but if you are still reading this, you are either wasting your time or you found it somewhat interesting.

About this website

This website started back in 1999 when I experimented with Netscape Composer. The result was a cluttered personal website with different kinds of topics: photo gallery, link directory, classmate index, animated GIFs, what one did before blogs or social networks existed. Although badly executed, it was also my first experience with design and typography. This made me realize where I wanted to head towards professionally. For 20 years, I maintained this website more or less intensively, most of the time under the name Fontwerk, now under ivo.berlin and gabrowitsch.de. For the first years of the Berliner Typostammtisch, this website also served as the event’s site, but my nice successors managed to built a separate one. Over the years, I was also involved in other web projects, of which most have discontinued in the meantime (e.g. Hauptstadtblog, Zoomfeed, 4270.net, FontFeed, Fankombinat, Slanted). My plan is to keep this site for a few more years and to update it occasionally with whatever comes to mind.



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